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Bear kodiak bow user manual

Owner's Manual - Bear Archery If yours does not come pre-strung, stringing the bow is all that you need to do, and then you are ready to shoot. Bow/Cam Adjustments. 11-24. Initial Bow Setup. 25-29. Arrow Selection Information. 30. Warranties. 31-32. Record important bow information here and keep for.

How to Adjust the Draw Weht on a Bear Whitetail Compound Welcome to my review of the Bear Archery Kodiak Cub. You bought a Bear Whitetail compound bow, but the draw weht isn't set to your liking. All Bear compound. Use a 7/32-inch hex wrench to turn the top limb bolt one turn. Clockwise increases. Bear Archery product manuals. Photo Credit.

Product Manuals Bear Archery This bow’s primary purpose is target shooting, so power is not much of a requirement. This page provides links to Bear product information, including manuals and. Owner's Manuals Compound Bow Manual Adult bows. 2016. Owner's Manuals

Bear Kodiak Purple Heart/Bolivian Rosewood Traditional The Kodiak Cub does not ship with a bow stringer, so you will need to have one on-hand, just to make sure you do not damage yourself or the limbs while you’re stringing the bow. Kodiak Traditional Recurve Bow - Bear Archery - Bear Archery. 97 Flemish Twist string, a Bowstringer and easy to follow instructions on how to string the bow.

Bear kodiak bow user manual:

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