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Visual sourcesafe reference manual

Using the Visual SourceSafe Command Line - MSDN - Microsoft Microsoft Visual Source Safe is a file-level version control system that permits many types of organizations to work on several project versions at the same time. The Visual SourceSafe command line utility SS supports most commands available through Visual SourceSafe Explorer, and. Visual SourceSafe Reference.

Getting Started with Visual SourceSafe - MSDN - Microsoft This capability is particularly beneficial in a software development environment, where it is used in maintaining parallel code versions. Instructions to help you install and confure Visual SourceSafe on server. Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe. Visual SourceSafe Reference.

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe - pedia Visual Source Safe supports cross-platform development by allowing collaborative editing and sharing of data. Visual SourceSafe Microsoft's Source Destruction System". "Visual SourceSafe Version Control Unsafe at any Speed?".

Visual SourceSafe 6.0 - MSDN - Microsoft It makes it easier for you to track the applications that use particular code modules. This page provides guidance to Visual SourceSafe 6.0 resources in the MSDN Library and elsewhere on

Performing Basic Visual SourceSafe Tasks - MSDN - Microsoft For developers, Visual Source Safe accommodates reusable or object-oriented code. A Visual SourceSafe database is set up for use by two user s, the Administrator and the User . Visual SourceSafe Reference. TOC. for your site, according to instructions in Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe.

Visual SourceSafe Glossary - MSDN - Microsoft However, the product can also be used to maintain files for any other type of team. Command Line Reference ยท Initialization. Visual SourceSafe User Interface Reference. This option uses two colons instead of one in the keyword instructions.

Introducing Visual SourceSafe - MSDN - Microsoft It is desned to handle the tracking and portability issues involved in maintaining one source control base, for example, a software code base, across multiple operating systems. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a file-level version control system that permits many types of organizations to work on several. Visual SourceSafe Reference.

How Visual SourceSafe Works - MSDN - Microsoft A typical Visual SourceSafe network consists of one centralized database on a. Introduces database security in Visual SourceSafe, and references detailed.

VSS / SourceSafe Tutorial - Code Pool Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, also ed 'VSS', is a file-system-based source. I have been looking in vain for any reference regarding VSS v2005 and.

Visual SourceSafe - MSDN - Microsoft This Help system describes Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, a file-level version control system that delivers restore point and team. Visual SourceSafe Reference.

Visual sourcesafe reference manual:

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