<i>TH400</i> Full <i>Manual</i> Valve <i>Body</i> With Engine

Manual body th400 in street car

<i>TH400</i> Full <i>Manual</i> Valve <i>Body</i> With Engine

TH400 Full Manual Valve Body With Engine Every PPP product is carefully and thorougy inspected, qualified, and load tested before shipment. The TCI® TH400 Full Manual Valve Body with Low Gear Engine Braking is the perfect set-upnot only for heavy off road usage, but is great for hot street/strip cars.

<strong>TH400</strong> Competition Valve Bodies - CK

TH400 Competition Valve Bodies - CK The Lhtest, Narrowest, Prettiest, most Consistent and Durable Shifters available. TH400 REVERSE PATTERN FULL MANUAL TRANSBRAKE VALVEBODY. This reverse pattern full manual valvebody is desned for pro-street and drag race.

ATI Racing Transmissions - <strong>TH400</strong> Drag Racing

ATI Racing Transmissions - TH400 Drag Racing This is the prettiest, most dependable shifter available, suitable for real Race Cars, Pro Street Cars or your Street Car. ATI has T400 street rod and drag race transmssions for vehicles making 600 horsepower to 3000 horsepower. ATI Reverse Manual Compu Flow Valve Body. Reverse Manual Transbrake, Up to 1500 HP - Good for hh HP, heavy cars

New <i>TH400</i> with Engine Breaking - Hughes

New TH400 with Engine Breaking - Hughes The hhest quality materials, precise CNC machining, finite calibration and obsessive dedication. New TH400 reverse pattern manual valve body with engine braking now. This valve body is also ideally suited for anybody with a street car.

<em>Manual</em> & Automatic Transmission - Tech, Overview -

Manual & Automatic Transmission - Tech, Overview - Desned from the ground up as the ultimate automatic transmission shifter, these no-compromise solutions provide positive locking shift gates, optimum control, dead-on repeatability and long term reliability. On the street, auto gearboxes greatly increase the driveability and. you can shift when and where you want to shift–it is ed 'a full, manual valve body.'”. We package a Turbo 400 for Chevy trannies, a Ford C6, and a 727.

<b>TH400</b> Full <b>Manual</b> Series Reverse Valve

TH400 Full Manual Series Reverse Valve They work perfectly with Standard or Manual Valve Bodies, Forward or Reverse Shift Patterns in Drag, Street and Circle Track Race Cars. Our competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application. By controlling the valve body only through manual means.

Twelve Common Questions and Misconceptions About Automatic

Twelve Common Questions and Misconceptions About Automatic We have extensive experience building the TH400 for all types of applications. Changing to a Turbo 400 in an orinal Turbo 350 car will require mounting/crossmember. Automatic Transmission Facts Valve Body. your street car, a manual valvebody totally eliminates the automatic shifting function and.

Pro <b>Street</b> & Strip. Turbo 400 - General

Pro Street & Strip. Turbo 400 - General Competition Components. Sprag - Cryo-treated 34 element; Hi-Perf. Auto/manual valve body and Pressure regulator; Hh Performance Clutch Packs.

Manual body th400 in street car:

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